Our team

Over many years, the barbershop has been the place where thousands and thousands of young boys get their first haircuts. Usually, some family members such as their father or grandfather have taken them to the barbershop and introduced to the barber, that special person who would give them their first professional haircut. A talented barber is a person who not only can get an image, idea, thought, or concept, but also can turn it into the desired haircut.

A gentleman’s haircut and shave require great attention to detail, which only a skilled and experienced barber can provide. Only a man who is passionate about his craft and has a big love for his profession can really infuse his work with creativity and style. Recognizing this, Northgate’s Barbershop has a careful and highly selective process for hiring barbers. A friendly atmosphere, great people skills, a loveable personality, and self-devotion to excellence are the qualities we are looking for in our stuff.

Whether you’re 18 years old or 80 years old, a haircut is important. When a person gets a hairstyle, which excites him and makes him feel better about himself, it gives self-confidence to him and builds his self-esteem. Remember, a great haircut provides a window into the individuality of the person.

Our barbers know the latest haircut trends and styles, which young people want, and, what is more important, our barbers can create the desired haircuts and styles without any delay. Besides that, if you want to get a traditional haircut, our barbers can produce it too.

Furthermore, Northgate’s is a barbershop, which started using the traditions of the old-school barbershops over a long time ago. Our barbers make sure that the clients receive first-rate haircuts and shaves along with the excellent customer service in a warm environment. If you want to get something bigger than just a haircut, you should visit the Northgate’s Barbershop.